House Beer

The regular lineup:

Zodiac Ale
Our session beer, this is brewed to a
different recipe every zodiac sign
(sometimes twice a sign)
usually around 4.8%abv


Our answer to the Belgian «devil» beers (i.e.
Lucifer, Duvel, etc.). Both rich and dry, this beer is
all too easy to consume in large quantities.
Hopped with Styrian Goldings.


The seven percent solution. A delightfully full-bodied
yet easy to drink abbey brown ale
that has become our flagship brand,
thanks to Baltimore's loyalty.

Proletary Ale
After much demand for a seriously dark beer, we
came up with this delicacy. Black, smooth and
easy to drink, this is our beer for the people!

The seasonal lineup (check
here for current selections):

This blonde abbey-style ale is named for the physical process of turning solids into
spirits. A semi-sweet nectar with just a
hint of herbal bitterness. 6%abv

Tiny Tim
Brewed with buckwheat honey, hibiscus
flowers, and rosemary. An herbal, slightly
floral refresher. 6.5% abv

La Pétroleuse
It has a deep golden color and a full,
malty body with an earthy hop
character and a slight yeast spiciness.

St. Festivus
This brown winter ale is brewed
with 5 types of malt, noble hops,
then subtly spiced with Curaçao
orange peel and ginger. 8%abv

Monument Ale
We brew this special pale ale for the
First Thursday concerts in the park.
A smooth, refreshing, hoppy ale.
5% abv

Saison Pécore
A deep golden ale, hopped with East
Kent Goldings and Willamette hops,
spiced with Kaffir Lime Leaves
and Paradise Seed. 4.9%abv

Le Canard
A strong, copper-colored ale with a
mild, sweet malt character. Brewed with
lots of Belgian candi sugar and slowly
fermented for a month. Sublime. 8.5%abv

Our summer session beer. Hoppy, dry
and crisp with a low abv. 3.8%abv

Wit Trash
That’s right...when you see the
bowling trophy you know it’s time for
our summer seasonal wheat beer.
Flavored with Coriander and
Curaçao Orange Peel. 4%abv

Green Peppercorn Tripel
A belgian style tripel spiced with green
peppercorns. A blonde ale with a hint of
spice and smooth finish 9%abv

7 Beauties
This country rye ale is brewed with 7
types of malt, Brewer’s Gold, Northern
Brewer, and Sterling Hops. 5.8%abv

Saison des Mystères
A lovely farmhouse ale, lightly flavored
with hibiscus and lemon balm.

Coup de Boule
The infamous headbutt! This golden
Grand Cru is spiced with cardamom,
cinnamon, and saffron. 6.5%abv

Our “neinth” anniversary beer, this
was brewer Rob Perry’s first formulation
for the Brewer’s Art. A lovely Kölsch style
ale, assertive yet smooth. 4.5% abv

Saison L’Ombre
A dark saison, brewed with a blend of
edible flowers and herbs. Cool and refreshing,
like shade from the summer sun. 6.3%abv

Twelve Labors
A wheated, herculean «Chesapeake mild,» brewed to celebrate the twelfth
anniversary of our opening.
Pauly’s first formulation! 4.5%abv

Clamper’s Ale
A non-traditional miner’s ale. Light and
refreshing, brewed with Sorachi Ace hops and Lemon Peel.“Imbibo quoniam esculentus” 3.8%abv

This dark, mystical elixir was
brewed for our 13th anniversary
(the 13th of September).
7.5% abv

Sun Roi
To celebrate our 14th anniversary, our
brewers created a Chesapeake Tripel
Imperial Mild made with three grains
(barley, wheat, rye) and saaz hops.

Aspergil Grand Cru
A deep golden spiced ale, brewed with
Willamette hops, calendula flowers,
and hyssop. Give thanks. 4.9%abv


We reserve the right to make
a new beer at any time!!

Please enjoy our beers in moderation.
«A little bit can go a long way»

Our brewer makes the taps!

The Brewer's Art
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info at thebrewersart dot com

Hours of Operation
Daily 4:00pm - 1:45am
Full Dinner Service Starting at 5:00

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